We design apps, games, sites and systems that entertain, inform, educate and empower.

Services We Offer

Experience Design

Great software begins with designing experiences that meet the intentions, expectations and needs of users and stakeholders. We help putting the pieces together, and charting the best path forward for your project.

Apps, Sites & Systems

We design and build web apps, sites and systems to power marketing, commerce, education, and membership solutions. 

Games & Sims

Making games  is difficult enough, even more so for game-based learning and simulations designed to make learning accessible, engaging and effective. Make our experience your guide.

WordPress Support

After building nearly 100 WordPress sites this platform has become our go-to content management system. We support what we build with managed WordPress hosting and maintenance services.

About Our Studio

Experience, Insight and Dedication

We run lean, agile, and iterative, but what really sets us apart is a combination of experience, insight and dedication to getting the job done right. We start by asking what’s the product, service, message, or story? Who’s the audience and what do they want? What experience will attract and delight them? We use the answers to these and many other questions to work smarter, design better, and do more.

Our studio opened in 2006 as a vehicle for providing my consulting, creative and management services. I still take an active role in every project, but today we’re so much more. With designers, producers, directors, engineers, developers – and customers – around the world, we have the resources and the ability to right-size every project team.

Richard Carey

Founder & Managing Director, RCDM