Monthly Archives: September 2006

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Tasty Research posts about a research study on MMOG’s as “third places” distinct from home and work. <more to come>

Serious Games Survey

Gaining a 360 degree view of the emergent serious games market, never a simple task, has become much easier with Mark Prensky’s updated Social Impact Games website, which offers a […]

When One Life Isn’t Enough

Though I’ve blogged on Second Life several times the education-oriented facets of this growing virtual world keep hitting my radar. The Second Life Community Education website is a good starting […]

Voice Chat in Online Games

Using IM and Skype to communicate in-game has become second nature to many players, and now voice chat is coming to online games. A Massachusetts company called Vivox has developed […]

A Framework for Product Development & Marketing

The division of responsibilities between product development, product management and product marketing has been structured a little differently everywhere I’ve worked. Sometimes there’s one person — the quintessential producer with […]