Monthly Archives: January 2007

Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

“They poison the mind and corrupt the morals of the young, who waste their time sitting on sofas immersed in dangerous fantasy worlds.“ According to a leader in the January […]

When Unreal is Better

Several days ago before dawn, in a state of mind that can only be described as dangerously pre-caffinated, I was reading a story on about the row between Britain […]

A Concise History of Serious Games

USA Today published this concise history of serious games today which is worth a read if you’re trying to wrap your head around what makes games serious: “The Serious Games […]

Digital Teens, Digital Consumers

Two new reports on digital teens and digital consumers were released this week, and are worth adding to your New Year’s market research reading list: Social Networking Websites and Teens […]

Where We’re Going

After last year’s blogsphere, broadband and web video explosions, predicting where the Internet is going next has become more complicated. At the same time, understanding its direction and developing a […]