Monthly Archives: May 2007

A Taxonomy of Serious Games

As noted by 360KID’s Scott Traylor in his blog Ben Sawyer presented a taxonomy of serious games at the recent Annenberg Workshop on Learning Games. Scott writes, “Ben began the […]

Gamer-Centered Design

I’ve championed user centered design for years and in part that’s behind the argument for using educational games and simulations for teaching: meeting and engaging students on their own terms. […]

Global Warming In Club Penquin

Bringing new meaning to the phrase global warming, Rafat Ali broke the story yesterday that Sony is in talks to acquire Club Penguin, the virtual world for kids from British […]

Easy Coding for Kids

Scratch is a new programming language developed at the MIT Media Lab that’s aimed at kids from 8-up. According to the BBC story and video out earlier this week Scratch […]

Tools for Mapping the Metaverse

Several months ago I began using MindJet’s MindManager to give form to some essentially stream-of-conciousness research and I was hooked immediately. Though I’ve hand-drawn or seen computer-generated mind maps for […]