Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Halo Effect

After months of anticipation Halo is here along with all the noise fans can make and Microsoft can buy. The buzz volume is understandable given what’s at stake. The New […]

Games Meet the Web & Social Media

A handful of US and European developers have been working in stealth mode on game engines and frameworks with low barriers of entry: inexpensive or free, browser based, pre-built components […]

Debunking Video Game Myths

A few years ago a WoW avatar named Embir (a/k/a Lee Wilson, then a colleague at Pearson Education) approached me about the idea of using video games as learning tools. […]

Happy Penguins, Empty Calories

Disney’s purchase of Club Penquin for $350 million (plus a follow-on $350 mil if certain performance targets are reached) may have contradicted my May 17 post naming SONY as the […]

Austin Game Developers Conference

A shout-out this morning to Lee Wilson who covered last week’s Austin Game Develpers Conference so well on his Education Business Blog. In Video Games, Virtual Worlds, and Education Publishing […]