Monthly Archives: November 2007

A VC’s Perspective on EdTech Investment

Part one of three reports on the SIIA’s Ed Tech Business Forum, the leading business and finance conference for the K-12 and postsecondary education technology market that wrapped up a […]

Dust or Magic Video Wrap-up

I left the 2007 Dust or Magic conference a few weeks ago with nine hours of video to edit, my mind full of new insights about interactive technology for kids. […]

A Penguin’s Tale

Lane Merrifield opened the Dust or Magic conference by giving us a front-row seat to the creation of Club Penguin. If there was ever a testament to the Power of […]

Kerpoof – Three Seconds to Fun

Krista Marks has a bold vision to change the way kids interact with the computer and learn about creativity, and her new site Kerpoof is a giant leap forward in that direction. […]

Nurturing Creativity

Mitchel Resnick is an interactive media visionary. He directs the Lifelong Kindergarten research group at the Media Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and develops technologies to engage people, particularly […]

User Interface Devices for Kids

Eric Strommen has designed and studied interactive learning products for children on almost every interactive platform available including Nintendo, SEGA, CD-I, DV-I, CD-ROM, online services and more. He founded Playful Efforts to […]

Children’s Technology Trends in 2008

In this video presentation I taped at the 7th annual Dust or Magic conference, Robin Raskin forecasts the trends she sees coming in children’s technology for 2008 and beyond. Robin […]

Dust or Magic

Although the 7th annual Dust or Magic conference on children’s media has sold out, I’ll be there to tape, blog and web-cast many of the keynote presentations (except those that […]

SIIA EdTech Forum

The week after Thanksgiving this year I’ll be blogging from the SIIA’s 7th Annual Ed Tech Business Forum – the leading business and finance conference for the K-12 and postsecondary […]