Monthly Archives: February 2008

Next-Gen Virtual Worlds for Kids

There were two good blog posts on virtual words for kids that caught my eye this week. 360 Kid’s Scott Traylor reports the 2008 New York Toy Fair was one […]

Current Events & Learning Games

Given the amount of time it takes to design, develop and go to market, it’s rare for current issues or events to find their way into a game. ICED, a […]

Taxonomy of Serious Games — Updated

According to Ben Sawyer (Digital Mill) and Peter Smith (University of Central Florida), “Everyone has their own name for what serious games should be called. When they’re using these terms, […]

Will Wright’s “Spore” Coming in Sept.

In one of the most anticipated product announcements in years, Will Wright said this week that his new game, Spore, will be released worldwide on September 7th. I’ve seen so […]

Raph Koster on User Generated MMOGs

In two recent interviews Raph Koster shares his early thinking about user-generated content and MMOGs, and reveals more details about Metaplace, his virtual world platform that encourages users to modify […]

Henry Jenkins on Emerging Technologies

Henry Jenkins post about Educause Learning Initiative conference last week references the 2008 Horizon Report “…that seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on […]