Monthly Archives: July 2008

Microblogging Goes Opensource

If you’ve noticed the right hand column of my site recently you know that sometime around the 4th of July I began tweeting on Twitter. Though I long eschewed it […]

Lost and Found

Danc, a “game designer, pixel artist, painter, tools designer, product manager and marketing guy… deep in the forests of the North West” blogs as Lost Garden. His writing and graphics […]

Google Lively Goes Live

I’m getting my first look at Google Lively tonight, the 3D virtual world/avatar chat environment they began anonymously testing on incoming students at Arizona State University last summer. My first […]

Report from the Metaverse

Last winter Stanford University hosted the Metaverse U Conference to “bring together industry leaders, artists, and academics to discuss a range of topics surrounding virtual worlds.” For some reason that […]

Wii for the Visually Impaired

Designing software that could be used by people with differing abilities was a big part of building software for Pearson Education. Working there taught me a lot about Universal Design […]