Monthly Archives: August 2008

Videogames Improve Cogniative Skills

Playing video games “teaches skills that transfer to classroom, surgical procedures, scientific thinking…” according to the American Psychological Association, meeting in Boston this week. In a press release aggregating the […]

NY Serious Games Develper Raises $6M

Evidently rumors of the venture economy’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. At the beginning of the month New York-based serious game entrepreneur Nt Etuk announced he had raised a Series […]

WordPress as a Social Platform

Earlier this year Automattic founder and WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg suggested on his blog that the future of WordPress MU (multi user) is social media. TechCrunch covered the story too. […]

Hooked on Twitter

Everyone is asking me about Twitter lately: “What is it?” Microblogging. “Does it serve any purpose?” Lets you follow and communicate — 140 characters at a time — with friends, […]