Monthly Archives: September 2008

Tell the Raven

Unless you’re a red-meat conservative fundamentalist, the recent news from Alaska has been disturbing. Snow Job. Square Glasses. Need I say more? Finally, there’s some progressive news from the 50th […]

Stephen King’s Media Mashup

CBS’ Simon & Shuster dipped its toe into the world of online video over the summer with the launch of its own digital production studio to produce digital HD video […]

Hack the Debate

I trust you all tuned in last Friday night to see if McCain was going to show up? After such a tough week for the old maverick — suspending his […]

Florida Gets Serious About Math

Better late than never – and just in time for the presedential election – the state of Florida is getting serious about math. New York serious game company Tabula Digita (New […]

Teens, Games… Civics?

You hear the words “teens” and “games” in the same sentence all the time, but seldom with the word “civics” included. Continuing their series of outstanding, unbiased reports on American […]

The Beauty of Data

The art of data presentation is choosing a graphic method that makes your intention clear. As a followup to my recent posts on putting words into pictures, here’s a lengthy […]

Who Sees WoW Better?

I began playing World of Warcraft when I was a suit for Pearson. Though I worked my way up to a L20-something Paladin, the daily 4 hours as a commuter […]

The Global Market

Click image to stop on one picture, mouse up or down to pan, click again to continue. Here’s a whole new take on the global market and media mashups. This […]

Picture This…

You pay local and (mostly) Federal taxes but where does it all go? Maybe you blow a tire on an interstate highway that’s full of potholes and needs fixing, lament […]

Twitter + Thriller = Twiller

Several weeks ago in Hooked on Twitter I pondered whether microblogging had spawned a new literary form. Evidently it has, as Matt Richtel writes in the New York Times last […]