Monthly Archives: October 2008

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

WordPress — the open-source content management system that runs this site and millions of others around the world — is almost infinitely extensible, which was the intention of the development […]

Is it Time to Start a New Business?

At the Dow Jones Media & Money conference last week, a panel of executives representing digital media developers, investors and advertisers debated whether it’s possible to start or grow an […]

Dust or Magic 2008

In a few weeks this blog will be coming to you live from Dust or Magic, the exclusive conference of interactive toy designers, developers, manufacturers and critics held each Fall […]


What a difference a year makes in the life of a technology start-up. Not that long ago I was singing the praises of Joost, a peer-to-peer video streaming technology that […]

Wordcamp NY 2008

The inspiration for my post Burning Down the TV came from Jen Simmons presentation at Wordcamp New York last Sunday. The other speakers that day included Matt Mullenweg, co-developer of […]

Vanquishing Algebraic Terrors

I confess that I came to loath Algebra class when I was in school, but times change and now kids are studying coordinate systems, irrational numbers (considering the swooning market […]


I’m not really turning Japanese as this post’s title* suggests, but as a blogger and a Blogfather I was fascinated to learn that according to reports last year in Technorati […]

Burning Down the TV

David Byrne sang about burning down the house and now it’s time for burning down the TV thanks to Miro, the open source video player. Think TIVO for web, but […]

Being There: the Game as Narrative

Narrative story telling has been part of the the human experience since we told tales of the days hunt around the fire, about what it was like to “be there” […]