Monthly Archives: June 2009

9 Games-Per-Second

The servers were too busy to accommodate me by the time I tried to log on to the Woodrow Wilson Center’s conference server last week, but not too jammed to […]

The First Augmented Reality Browser

Video of the world’s first mobile Augmented Reality browser, initially for the Android platform, from Layer Technologies in the Netherlands. So cool that it makes adding an Android to my […]

Tangential Learning in Games

As you know I’m a strong proponent of using games for learning, but sometimes explaining how and why these two realms come together is difficult. In this amusing video James […]

Can the Terminator Terminate Textbooks?

Responding to the state’s budget crisis, California’s Governor Schwarzenegger wants to save money by cutting out printed textbooks, asserting the state’s tech-savvy youngsters will quickly adapt to learning online. I […]

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live

Oh this is rich. Not. At least that’s what I thought reading the headline How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live on this morning. Though far from a […]

Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

First clue: it’s not a summer movie. As the annual techno-temple of E3 winds down, reports are starting to filter in about what’s going to be hot in the next […]

PC Touch-Screen Technology Moving Beyond Curiosity

First Jobs and Woz visited Xerox PARC, got the idea for a graphical interface, which in 1984 led to the Macintosh. Then Bill Gates got into the act and Windows […]

The Sims Takes iPhone Games to New Level, 12-14 Hrs. of Play

Levi Buchanan writes in The Sims 3 Review, “This is not some port, this is the real deal Sims for the iPhone. Sims 3 for the iPhone starts with a […]

Metaplace Finally in Open Beta

I’ve been following the development of Metaplace and been an early beta tester since meeting Raph Koster at the Game Developer’s Conference several years ago. His vision was audacious, yet […]