Studying the Real World to Make a Virtual One


Peter Alden, Richard Primack & E. O. Wilson

As part of the research for a new virtual world project this summer I worked with the Pulitzer-winning naturalist and Harvard professor emeritus Dr. E. O. Wilson, naturalist-author-guide Peter Alden and Don Henley‘s Walden Woods Project on Biodiversity Day.

For the second time in eleven years more than 100  scientists, professors and amateur naturalists gathered for a 24-hour “bio blitz” to find and identify every living thing in the Walden Woods – Concord, Carlisle and Lincon, MA – visible to the naked eye. The combined results of the field work identified a total of 2,579 species, making you realize how much we overlook every day. Stay tuned for more on the virtual world project in coming weeks.

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