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Intentional Games

Moving On…

We moved! After blogging on digital media, games and educational technology for six years, it was time for a fresh start. We’ve focused our attention on finding the best design, […]

Moving On… Again!

We went that-a-way! After a decade as a consultancy and development boutique, we’ve joined forces with Second Avenue Learning, an innovative designer and producer of award winning educational technology products, […]

Eat Candy, Win Prizes!

What’s old is new again, and I’m not talking about Cracker Jacks. They never went away and so too the “prize” inside, which more often than not was a temporary […]

Can Learning be as Fun as Playing (Video Games)?

Ntiedo “Nt” Etuk, founder and CEO of Tabula Digita (now DimensionU) talks about the “ah ha” moment he had as a math tutor and the impetus for building a company […]

App Camp Videos

If you’ve been reading my posts over the years you know I’ve been a participant, video blogger and fan of Warren Buckleitner’s Dust or Magic — a mini-TED that attracts […]

Using Social Media and Game Mechanics Improve Learning

Do you hear what I hear? After reading Social Networking in Schools on the Huffington Post today, I recognized that nearly every project I’ve worked on over the past year has pointed […]

Gamification is Coming. Are You Ready?

The debate about the use of game mechanics in digital media — lately known as gamification — hardly started  before being overtaken by tools, workshops and service providers all too […]

The Next Big Thing in Digital Education

“The next big thing…” is a big promise and the one being made by McGraw-Hill Higher Education as they begin rolling out the latest version of their Connect online content, […]

Whyville, AMD and PBS Join Forces

It’s gratifying when your clients and friends do well so I’m happy to pass along the news that Whyville, the subversively educational virtual world for tweens launched in 1999, has […]

The Future of Video Games: The Kids Are Alright

What a long strange trip it’s been. First, video games were seen as nothing more than a waste of time, then they were said to be a scourge that was […]