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Studying the Real World to Make a Virtual One

As part of the research for a new virtual world project this summer I worked with the Pulitzer-winning naturalist and Harvard professor emeritus Dr. E. O. Wilson, naturalist-author-guide Peter Alden […]

Trolling for Leeches, Netting Moths & 4th of July Fireflies

My fireworks this 4th of July were following naturalists E. O. Wilson, Peter Alden and 150 others around with a video camera as they tried to identify at least 2009 […]

Brand You According to Google

Let’s face it, the ability to manage and control our personal and professional identities has taken a big hit thanks to web services like Google, MySpace, Facebook, social bookmarking and […]

Suffering Information Overload?

“Paying attention isn’t a simple act of self-discipline, but a cognitive ability with deep neurobiological roots – and these roots are in danger of dying” according to the interview with […]

Top Brands Flock to Twitter

When the topic turns to Twitter most people I talk to still shake their head in bewilderment. Who has the time for this? Why would anyone be interested in a […]

Happy 25th Birthday, Macintosh!

On January 24th, 1984 Apple introduced the Macintosh computer, the first commercially successful personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface rather than a command line interface. […]

My TV, My PC

For years I’ve been my own best Guinea pig for testing new tools, technologies, techniques… anything I could use to tell a story or that might impact my customers and […]

Videogames Eclipse Other Media

In his keynote at CES this week Activision’s Mike Griffith predicted that video games would overtake all other media in popularity within a decade. Social gaming, more interactivity and better […]

The Top 10 of Everything

After a nearly month-long blogging and twittering hiatus we’re back, fired up about the whole new year of possibilities that lies ahead. What better way to begin than a look […]

Reality Check

Excellent interview: Guy Kawasaki tells Robert Scobel why Twitter is more important than his cell phone, rants about bailing out banks and the auto industry, differentiates the good and bad […]