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Games People Play

The Pew Internet Project released a data memo this morning on Adults and Video Games. Among their main findings: More than half – 53% – of all American adults play […]

Long Live the Parrot!

I received an email this morning from a friend who paraphrased Monty Python’s Blue Parrot sketch to describe the financial meltdown: This financial system is no more! It has ceased […]

Did Second Life Precict the Meltdown?

Was the meltdown of the financial system predicted by events in the online virtual world Second Life more than a year ago? Alan Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve, […]

It’s Bad You Know

R. L. Burnside’s (1926—2005) timeless blues boogie “It’s Bad You Know” was the perfect setup for the adventures of Tony Soprano and his capos. Week by week we knew they […]

Art Attack

It’s Friday and time for an art attack. Whichever art you practice the act of making art means doing things because they feel right. Not from an intellectual construct, but […]

Safer on the Edge

Is it safer “on the edge” in economically turbulent times like these? In his recent blog post Innovate or Wither – Personal Strategy for Times of Change, my colleague Lee […]

Are Computers Changing Childhood?

In this video from the 2008 Dust or Magic Institute, Warren Buckleitner talks about how children’s portable computing devices are changing childhood and comes to some insightful conclusions. Born the […]


What a difference a year makes in the life of a technology start-up. Not that long ago I was singing the praises of Joost, a peer-to-peer video streaming technology that […]


I’m not really turning Japanese as this post’s title* suggests, but as a blogger and a Blogfather I was fascinated to learn that according to reports last year in Technorati […]

Being There: the Game as Narrative

Narrative story telling has been part of the the human experience since we told tales of the days hunt around the fire, about what it was like to “be there” […]