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Stephen King’s Media Mashup

CBS’ Simon & Shuster dipped its toe into the world of online video over the summer with the launch of its own digital production studio to produce digital HD video […]

Hack the Debate

I trust you all tuned in last Friday night to see if McCain was going to show up? After such a tough week for the old maverick — suspending his […]

Teens, Games… Civics?

You hear the words “teens” and “games” in the same sentence all the time, but seldom with the word “civics” included. Continuing their series of outstanding, unbiased reports on American […]

Who Sees WoW Better?

I began playing World of Warcraft when I was a suit for Pearson. Though I worked my way up to a L20-something Paladin, the daily 4 hours as a commuter […]

The Global Market

Click image to stop on one picture, mouse up or down to pan, click again to continue. Here’s a whole new take on the global market and media mashups. This […]

Twitter + Thriller = Twiller

Several weeks ago in Hooked on Twitter I pondered whether microblogging had spawned a new literary form. Evidently it has, as Matt Richtel writes in the New York Times last […]

Who’s in Your Social Network?

Though summer reading does not summer blogging make, now Labor Day has past it’s time to catch up. One of the more intriguing ideas to hit my radar in August […]

Hooked on Twitter

Everyone is asking me about Twitter lately: “What is it?” Microblogging. “Does it serve any purpose?” Lets you follow and communicate — 140 characters at a time — with friends, […]

Social Networking Etiquette

Social networking used to be so simple, a forum to say or discuss what’s on your mind and meet others who are on the same page. However as more people […]

Steampunk’d Social Networking

Artist Paul St. George’s steampunk sculpture wryly suggests that using technology to create social networks predates the web, wiki and blog by at least a century. When it opened to […]