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Social Networking Alternative

OK, the video’s been out for a while but here’s another reason social networks are important. Can’t everybody just get along? [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”480″ height=”290″ wmode=”transparent” /]

Social Networking on the Rise

From the number of inquiries we receive and the projects we’re managing lately — blogs, forums, wikis, user content sites, multi-player games and sims — it’s clear there’s tremendous demand […]

Death of Education > Birth of Learning

While students embrace mobile always-connected media and devices, virtual environments, and social networks in their daily lives, schools still rely on teaching methods that were used generations ago. This short […]

Spy vs. Spy

As a cold-war baby one of my favorite cartoon strips was Mad magazine’s Spy vs. Spy. That all flashed back to me a few years ago at the second Serious […]

Getting Down to Business

Fed up with leaving a huge carbon footprint as you travel on business? As the Virtual Worlds conference concludes here in New York, David Wortley of the Serious Games Institute […]

Do You Believe in Flying Saucers?

No? Then I’m sure this post is preaching to the choir, but even so Nicholas Kristof”s op-ed piece With a Few More Brains… in the Sunday New York Times today […]

Your Web Domain Analyzed

Ever wonder your website or blog wold look like if all the links out were traced five or ten hops to their ultimate destination? David Polinchock at BrandExperience found this […]

No Batteries Required

Today when most of us think about the potential of serious games in the classroom, computer-based games come to mind. With all the attendant issues about the ratio of students […]

Games, Social Media and the Web

More people are connecting through social media every day, creating, personalizing, and sharing user-made content on the web, often called Web 2.0. There are a handful of emerging companies and […]

Extreme Growth

Ahead of this year’s Game Developers Conference, analyst and virtual world fan Bruce Sterling Woodcock updated his MMOG Chart website. Compiled and published since 2002 using stats from 1997 to […]