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Blog Alert

Recently Google, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, MacArthur, and Common Sense Media started a promising new blog called Breakthrough Learning in the Digital Age, inviting Scott Traylor (CEO/founder of 360Kid), […]

A Small (virtual) World for a Large (real) Market

As reported in the New York Times’ Technology Bits blog: “Rick Goodman, who developed the popular real-time strategy game Age of Empires, is now focusing on a virtual world where, […]

9 Games-Per-Second

The servers were too busy to accommodate me by the time I tried to log on to the Woodrow Wilson Center’s conference server last week, but not too jammed to […]

Tangential Learning in Games

As you know I’m a strong proponent of using games for learning, but sometimes explaining how and why these two realms come together is difficult. In this amusing video James […]

Can the Terminator Terminate Textbooks?

Responding to the state’s budget crisis, California’s Governor Schwarzenegger wants to save money by cutting out printed textbooks, asserting the state’s tech-savvy youngsters will quickly adapt to learning online. I […]

The Future of Learning

Beginning this September New York City will be home to Quest to Learn, one of the most innovative 6-12th grade public schools in the country, that will use game design […]

Do Video Games Prepare Kids for the Future?

Many video games take place in a fantastically violent, post-apocalyptic landscape, but are these games adequately preparing kids for the future? Listen in as Clifford Baynes and his colleagues tackle […]

Toy Fair Brain Dump

Our friend Warren Buckleitner, Editor of Children’s Technology of Review (, gives an impromptu brain dump of Toy Fair ’09. On his mind: the explosion of virtual world-real toy hybrids […]

Read the Book, Play the Game

Of all the games I saw at Toy Fair this week the Jacabee Code was the most interesting. In this new-to-market print/game hybrid for 7 to 12 year olds, the […]

Tell the Raven

Unless you’re a red-meat conservative fundamentalist, the recent news from Alaska has been disturbing. Snow Job. Square Glasses. Need I say more? Finally, there’s some progressive news from the 50th […]