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Moving On… Again!

We went that-a-way! After a decade as a consultancy and development boutique, we’ve joined forces with Second Avenue Learning, an innovative designer and producer of award winning educational technology products, […]

Eat Candy, Win Prizes!

What’s old is new again, and I’m not talking about Cracker Jacks. They never went away and so too the “prize” inside, which more often than not was a temporary […]

Using Game Mechanics to Power Your Business

There’s a post by Shane Snow and Phin Barnes on Mashable called How to Use Game Mechanics to Power Your Business that’s an excellent primer on a topic many first-time […]

Three Billion Customers and Counting

How would you like access to three billion customers? That’s the promise of the newly announced Wholesale Applications Community formed by telcom operators including América Móvil, AT&T, Bharti Airtel, China […]

Augmenting Reality Before Breakfast

The panel discussion on Augmented Reality I moderated for Sobel Media’s executive breakfast series was eye-opening — and not just because the early hour allowed for watching the sun rise […]

Online Legal Research & Resources

In an effort to keep my legal bills in check (sorry Heidi, Jeffrey, I love you but…) I’ve found a few online resources with plenty of examples to study as […]

Billions and Billions Served

At the rate applications sales for the iPhone and iPod Touch are going, pretty soon Apple is going to be laying claim to McDonalds’ motto “Billions and Billions Served.” Key […]

One and a Half Billion Served

As reported on 148 Apps: “Apple today announced that the iTunes App Store has served over 1.5 billion app downloads worldwide. This comes less than 3 months since the Apple […]

Brand You According to Google

Let’s face it, the ability to manage and control our personal and professional identities has taken a big hit thanks to web services like Google, MySpace, Facebook, social bookmarking and […]

Using Games in the Classroom

Should video games be used in the classroom? Can they support a standards-based curriculum and do they improve learning outcomes? My colleague and collaborator Lee Wilson has written a white […]