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The Contrarian View

A shout out to Lee Wilson at the Education Business Blog who wrote A Contrarian View of Social Media, adding another perspective to my recent rants and SIIA panel discussion […]

The Search Game

A shout out to Eliane Alhadeff for her recent post Search as a Serious Game which highlights a seriously cool search interface from A picture says a thousand words […]

A VC’s Perspective on EdTech Investment

Part one of three reports on the SIIA’s Ed Tech Business Forum, the leading business and finance conference for the K-12 and postsecondary education technology market that wrapped up a […]

Dust or Magic Video Wrap-up

I left the 2007 Dust or Magic conference a few weeks ago with nine hours of video to edit, my mind full of new insights about interactive technology for kids. […]

A Penguin’s Tale

Lane Merrifield opened the Dust or Magic conference by giving us a front-row seat to the creation of Club Penguin. If there was ever a testament to the Power of […]

SIIA EdTech Forum

The week after Thanksgiving this year I’ll be blogging from the SIIA’s 7th Annual Ed Tech Business Forum – the leading business and finance conference for the K-12 and postsecondary […]

Happy Penguins, Empty Calories

Disney’s purchase of Club Penquin for $350 million (plus a follow-on $350 mil if certain performance targets are reached) may have contradicted my May 17 post naming SONY as the […]

The Emperor’s Second Life?

I can’t count the times I’ve found Second Life either uninhabited or so busy to be unusable, and wondered if it would ever deliver on its promise. Frank Rose’ Wired […]

Virtual Branding: From Pages to Places

British metaverse consultancy and marketing agency K Zero reports this week that 85 international brands had established a presence in Second Life by the end of May 2007. In 2006 […]

Generation “G”

This just in from the department of astute observations: Andrew Eglinton, a student at the University of London, posted this on his blog last year: “Generations born after the early […]