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App Camp Videos

If you’ve been reading my posts over the years you know I’ve been a participant, video blogger and fan of Warren Buckleitner’s Dust or Magic — a mini-TED that attracts […]

Gamification is Coming. Are You Ready?

The debate about the use of game mechanics in digital media — lately known as gamification — hardly started  before being overtaken by tools, workshops and service providers all too […]

Cat Meets iPad

No way around it this is a silly cat video, but it’s worth it (thanks Ecks & Gizmodo). Backstory: I decided to wait for the initial product shakeout and a […]

Naturally Speaking

We used voice to text, text to voice and semantic data analysis successfully on two products for Pearson Education a few years ago — AMP Reading and Quick Reads — […]

Augmenting Reality Before Breakfast

The panel discussion on Augmented Reality I moderated for Sobel Media’s executive breakfast series was eye-opening — and not just because the early hour allowed for watching the sun rise […]

Contrary to Published Reports…

I have not disappeared from the planet, I’ve just been heads-down working on business development, social media projects and prototyping several exciting new products for the consumer market. More details […]

The First Augmented Reality Browser

Video of the world’s first mobile Augmented Reality browser, initially for the Android platform, from Layer Technologies in the Netherlands. So cool that it makes adding an Android to my […]

PC Touch-Screen Technology Moving Beyond Curiosity

First Jobs and Woz visited Xerox PARC, got the idea for a graphical interface, which in 1984 led to the Macintosh. Then Bill Gates got into the act and Windows […]

Web 2.0 — What Will Make it Work?

Join us this Friday for a deep dive into marketing and Web 2.0 technology at  The Executive Summit: Marketing & Technology-the Next Frontier hosted by Pace University’s Lubin School of […]

The iPod Touch, Supersized

The recent announcement of the third generation iPhone OS has fueled persistent rumors of an Apple netbook or other intermediate size device, something I’d welcome for so many reasons. So […]