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Christmas Comes Early for WordPress

While waiting for the coffee to brew this morning I glanced at Twitter and the first post on my screen read “WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” released…” (props to ijafri for being […]

Safer on the Edge

Is it safer “on the edge” in economically turbulent times like these? In his recent blog post Innovate or Wither – Personal Strategy for Times of Change, my colleague Lee […]

Are Computers Changing Childhood?

In this video from the 2008 Dust or Magic Institute, Warren Buckleitner talks about how children’s portable computing devices are changing childhood and comes to some insightful conclusions. Born the […]

From Plastic to Pixels: Lego Goes Virtual

Mark William Hansen, who leads product development at Lego, talks about their transition from a toy company to developers and publishers of an immersive 3D virtual world set to launch […]

Tivo is Dead, Long Live Tivo!

Since I started using Hulu and more recently learned about the open-source video aggregation software Miro and the video sharing plugin Kaltura, it seemed to me that Tivo’s days were […]

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

WordPress — the open-source content management system that runs this site and millions of others around the world — is almost infinitely extensible, which was the intention of the development […]

Is it Time to Start a New Business?

At the Dow Jones Media & Money conference last week, a panel of executives representing digital media developers, investors and advertisers debated whether it’s possible to start or grow an […]

Wordcamp NY 2008

The inspiration for my post Burning Down the TV came from Jen Simmons presentation at Wordcamp New York last Sunday. The other speakers that day included Matt Mullenweg, co-developer of […]

Burning Down the TV

David Byrne sang about burning down the house and now it’s time for burning down the TV thanks to Miro, the open source video player. Think TIVO for web, but […]

Hack the Debate

I trust you all tuned in last Friday night to see if McCain was going to show up? After such a tough week for the old maverick — suspending his […]