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The Beauty of Data

The art of data presentation is choosing a graphic method that makes your intention clear. As a followup to my recent posts on putting words into pictures, here’s a lengthy […]

The Global Market

Click image to stop on one picture, mouse up or down to pan, click again to continue. Here’s a whole new take on the global market and media mashups. This […]

Picture This…

You pay local and (mostly) Federal taxes but where does it all go? Maybe you blow a tire on an interstate highway that’s full of potholes and needs fixing, lament […]

Videogames Improve Cogniative Skills

Playing video games “teaches skills that transfer to classroom, surgical procedures, scientific thinking…” according to the American Psychological Association, meeting in Boston this week. In a press release aggregating the […]

WordPress as a Social Platform

Earlier this year Automattic founder and WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg suggested on his blog that the future of WordPress MU (multi user) is social media. TechCrunch covered the story too. […]

Microblogging Goes Opensource

If you’ve noticed the right hand column of my site recently you know that sometime around the 4th of July I began tweeting on Twitter. Though I long eschewed it […]

Google Lively Goes Live

I’m getting my first look at Google Lively tonight, the 3D virtual world/avatar chat environment they began anonymously testing on incoming students at Arizona State University last summer. My first […]

Report from the Metaverse

Last winter Stanford University hosted the Metaverse U Conference to “bring together industry leaders, artists, and academics to discuss a range of topics surrounding virtual worlds.” For some reason that […]

Wii for the Visually Impaired

Designing software that could be used by people with differing abilities was a big part of building software for Pearson Education. Working there taught me a lot about Universal Design […]

The Search Game

A shout out to Eliane Alhadeff for her recent post Search as a Serious Game which highlights a seriously cool search interface from A picture says a thousand words […]