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Getting Down to Business

Fed up with leaving a huge carbon footprint as you travel on business? As the Virtual Worlds conference concludes here in New York, David Wortley of the Serious Games Institute […]

Metaplace Test & Metachat Live

Tonight was the second public stress test of Raph Koster’s Metaplace virtual world and being there over the course of a half-hour gave up some hints of what’s to come. […]

Games, Social Media and the Web

More people are connecting through social media every day, creating, personalizing, and sharing user-made content on the web, often called Web 2.0. There are a handful of emerging companies and […]

Raph Koster on User Generated MMOGs

In two recent interviews Raph Koster shares his early thinking about user-generated content and MMOGs, and reveals more details about Metaplace, his virtual world platform that encourages users to modify […]

Henry Jenkins on Emerging Technologies

Henry Jenkins post about Educause Learning Initiative conference last week references the 2008 Horizon Report “…that seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on […]

SIIA Ed Tech Forum Wrap-up

I’ve written summaries of most of the sessions at SIIA’s Ed Tech Business Forum including the two previous posts, below. Those that I missed were covered by Ileana Rowe, and […]

Acquiring & Capitalizing on Innovation

In this second report from the SIIA’s Ed Tech Business Forum I’ve combined highlights from two lively panel discussions into one Q&A about how investors and publishers acquire and capitalize […]

A VC’s Perspective on EdTech Investment

Part one of three reports on the SIIA’s Ed Tech Business Forum, the leading business and finance conference for the K-12 and postsecondary education technology market that wrapped up a […]

Nurturing Creativity

Mitchel Resnick is an interactive media visionary. He directs the Lifelong Kindergarten research group at the Media Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and develops technologies to engage people, particularly […]

Children’s Technology Trends in 2008

In this video presentation I taped at the 7th annual Dust or Magic conference, Robin Raskin forecasts the trends she sees coming in children’s technology for 2008 and beyond. Robin […]