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Easy Coding for Kids

Scratch is a new programming language developed at the MIT Media Lab that’s aimed at kids from 8-up. According to the BBC story and video out earlier this week Scratch […]

Tools for Mapping the Metaverse

Several months ago I began using MindJet’s MindManager to give form to some essentially stream-of-conciousness research and I was hooked immediately. Though I’ve hand-drawn or seen computer-generated mind maps for […]

80% of Internet Users to Have a “Second Life”

It looks like Gartner is jumping into virtual punditry if this press release on BusinessWire is any indication. It states emphatically “By the end of 2011, 80 percent of active […]

Serious Games in Business

Dr. Richard Hackathorn of Boulder Technologies writes on the Business Intelligence Network about Serious Games in Virtual Worlds: The Future of Enterprise Business Intelligence. Using game and simulation technologies for […]

Serious Game Engine Shootout: A Comparative Analysis of the Technology

Serious games and educational simulations are an unique product category with functional requirements that are different from platform and casual games, MMOGs, and drill–n-skill learning games. The gameplay itself is […]

Serious Game Engine Shootout Panel Discussion

As a follow-on to the article I’m writing for Serious Games Source that is due out at the end of the month, CMP has accepted my proposal for a Serious […]

Digital Teens, Digital Consumers

Two new reports on digital teens and digital consumers were released this week, and are worth adding to your New Year’s market research reading list: Social Networking Websites and Teens […]

Where We’re Going

After last year’s blogsphere, broadband and web video explosions, predicting where the Internet is going next has become more complicated. At the same time, understanding its direction and developing a […]

If New York Was a Video Game…

I’ve always felt succeeding in New York had a lot in common with video games. If New York really was a video game I think it would look like this […]

Getting Real

In an effort to control all the variables of building new software and web applications, project management tools and methodologies often add so much complexity that they defeat the intention […]