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Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

First clue: it’s not a summer movie. As the annual techno-temple of E3 winds down, reports are starting to filter in about what’s going to be hot in the next […]

The Sims Takes iPhone Games to New Level, 12-14 Hrs. of Play

Levi Buchanan writes in The Sims 3 Review, “This is not some port, this is the real deal Sims for the iPhone. Sims 3 for the iPhone starts with a […]

Metaplace Finally in Open Beta

I’ve been following the development of Metaplace and been an early beta tester since meeting Raph Koster at the Game Developer’s Conference several years ago. His vision was audacious, yet […]

Virtual Play Patterns

My colleague Scott Traylor of 360 Kid regularly writes thoughtful and timely pieces about kids, toys and digital media, and his latest article for the May 2009 issue of Playthings […]

Serious Games Showcase

Serious games and simulations embrace subjects as diverse as health care, emergency preparedness, world history, algebra, ethics, emotional intelligence, team building. Thanks to Eliane Alhadeff for showcasing some of this […]

Do Video Games Prepare Kids for the Future?

Many video games take place in a fantastically violent, post-apocalyptic landscape, but are these games adequately preparing kids for the future? Listen in as Clifford Baynes and his colleagues tackle […]

Brand You According to Google

Let’s face it, the ability to manage and control our personal and professional identities has taken a big hit thanks to web services like Google, MySpace, Facebook, social bookmarking and […]

Using Games in the Classroom

Should video games be used in the classroom? Can they support a standards-based curriculum and do they improve learning outcomes? My colleague and collaborator Lee Wilson has written a white […]

Live from the Global Game Jam

It’s day three, two hours and counting to the end of Game Jam 2009 and I’m reporting this morning from the world wide headquarters of Team High Concept. For the […]

Global Game Jam 2009

Join the Global Game Jam, an intense 48-hour journey of creativity, innovation, collaboration, and experimentation. Maximize your creativity by designing games within specified constraints, in a limited period of time, […]