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Videogames Eclipse Other Media

In his keynote at CES this week Activision’s Mike Griffith predicted that video games would overtake all other media in popularity within a decade. Social gaming, more interactivity and better […]

Making Virtual Worlds Accessible

After developing educational technology products for Pearson and Scholastic, I’ve come to appreciate the value of creating products that are accessible to users with vision-, hearing- and learning-related disabilities. Whether […]

Kids and the iPhone

We were working on a new product idea for kids 3 to 7 years old the other day and began envisioning one version built specifically for the iPhone. But is […]

Games People Play

The Pew Internet Project released a data memo this morning on Adults and Video Games. Among their main findings: More than half – 53% – of all American adults play […]

What’s in Your Noggin?

Tanya Van Court, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Nickelodeon’s Noggin, ParentsConnect and Nick, presents Nick’s new standards-based early childhood learning site, myNOGGIN. Designed for preschoolers through first […]

Using Games to Improve Health

Debra Lieberman, Ph.D talked about using interactive games to improve health knowledge, skills and behaviors this morning at the eighth annual Dust or Magic conference. Health Games Research is an […]

Vanquishing Algebraic Terrors

I confess that I came to loath Algebra class when I was in school, but times change and now kids are studying coordinate systems, irrational numbers (considering the swooning market […]

Being There: the Game as Narrative

Narrative story telling has been part of the the human experience since we told tales of the days hunt around the fire, about what it was like to “be there” […]

Florida Gets Serious About Math

Better late than never – and just in time for the presedential election – the state of Florida is getting serious about math. New York serious game company Tabula Digita (New […]

Teens, Games… Civics?

You hear the words “teens” and “games” in the same sentence all the time, but seldom with the word “civics” included. Continuing their series of outstanding, unbiased reports on American […]