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Who Sees WoW Better?

I began playing World of Warcraft when I was a suit for Pearson. Though I worked my way up to a L20-something Paladin, the daily 4 hours as a commuter […]

Videogames Improve Cogniative Skills

Playing video games “teaches skills that transfer to classroom, surgical procedures, scientific thinking…” according to the American Psychological Association, meeting in Boston this week. In a press release aggregating the […]

NY Serious Games Develper Raises $6M

Evidently rumors of the venture economy’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. At the beginning of the month New York-based serious game entrepreneur Nt Etuk announced he had raised a Series […]

Lost and Found

Danc, a “game designer, pixel artist, painter, tools designer, product manager and marketing guy… deep in the forests of the North West” blogs as Lost Garden. His writing and graphics […]

Report from the Metaverse

Last winter Stanford University hosted the Metaverse U Conference to “bring together industry leaders, artists, and academics to discuss a range of topics surrounding virtual worlds.” For some reason that […]

Can You Grock It?

Grockit, a San Francisco startup which raised $2.7m several years ago to seed their game project has taken down an $8m B-round according to Ed Tech Design’s Sari Follansbee, who […]

What Happens Here Doesn’t Stay Here

Does what you experience and learn in virtual environments like MMOGs and videogames have any relevance to real life? Thought leaders like Jim Gee and researchers like Jeremy Bailenson, director […]

The New Convergence

The new convergence of products that combine aspects of online games and simulations, social networking and user generated content in the service of learning was the topic of our panel […]

The Search Game

A shout out to Eliane Alhadeff for her recent post Search as a Serious Game which highlights a seriously cool search interface from A picture says a thousand words […]

Spy vs. Spy

As a cold-war baby one of my favorite cartoon strips was Mad magazine’s Spy vs. Spy. That all flashed back to me a few years ago at the second Serious […]