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Making Games That Don’t Suck

How could you go wrong choosing William Shakespeare’s plays and characters to be the centerpiece of a massively multiplayer online game? Just ask Ted Castronova who received a “genius grant” […]

Getting Down to Business

Fed up with leaving a huge carbon footprint as you travel on business? As the Virtual Worlds conference concludes here in New York, David Wortley of the Serious Games Institute […]

Once More, With Feeling

Can a video game evoke human emotions more subtle than the adrenaline rush of offing gun-toting zombies and other digital miscreants? After playing a demo of The Graveyard, produced in […]

Metaplace Test & Metachat Live

Tonight was the second public stress test of Raph Koster’s Metaplace virtual world and being there over the course of a half-hour gave up some hints of what’s to come. […]

Extreme Growth

Ahead of this year’s Game Developers Conference, analyst and virtual world fan Bruce Sterling Woodcock updated his MMOG Chart website. Compiled and published since 2002 using stats from 1997 to […]

Next-Gen Virtual Worlds for Kids

There were two good blog posts on virtual words for kids that caught my eye this week. 360 Kid’s Scott Traylor reports the 2008 New York Toy Fair was one […]

Current Events & Learning Games

Given the amount of time it takes to design, develop and go to market, it’s rare for current issues or events to find their way into a game. ICED, a […]

Taxonomy of Serious Games — Updated

According to Ben Sawyer (Digital Mill) and Peter Smith (University of Central Florida), “Everyone has their own name for what serious games should be called. When they’re using these terms, […]

Raph Koster on User Generated MMOGs

In two recent interviews Raph Koster shares his early thinking about user-generated content and MMOGs, and reveals more details about Metaplace, his virtual world platform that encourages users to modify […]

Henry Jenkins on Emerging Technologies

Henry Jenkins post about Educause Learning Initiative conference last week references the 2008 Horizon Report “…that seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on […]