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Debunking Video Game Myths

A few years ago a WoW avatar named Embir (a/k/a Lee Wilson, then a colleague at Pearson Education) approached me about the idea of using video games as learning tools. […]

Austin Game Developers Conference

A shout-out this morning to Lee Wilson who covered last week’s Austin Game Develpers Conference so well on his Education Business Blog. In Video Games, Virtual Worlds, and Education Publishing […]

This is Not a Game

A couple of years ago I met a Lieutenant at a demonstration of military simulations near Pentagon City, and watched with interest as he grew more excited with their verisimilitude. […]

The Ghost of GLS 3.0

As the freshness of summer yields to its dog days I’ve finally found time to catch up on reading and viewing various conference presentations that have accumulated in piles around […]

When Sims Get Real & Life Goes Virtual

The first Metaverse Roadmap (MVR) is now complete and available in both web and PDF formats at The MVR has been a year-long, a cross-industry effort to vision the […]

Games, Learning & Society 3.0

In his opening keynote at the Game, Learning & Society 3.0 conference in Madison, WI last week, Professor James Gee set the stage for the year’s most substantive conference on […]

Big Blue Gets it Right

IBM has hit my radar a few times during the past months, most recently around their decision to move from Second Life to using Garage Games’ Torque engine to build […]

Virtual World Platforms

Seems that I’m not the only one tracking game development platforms. Although my chart is still a work in progress the folks who produce the Virtual Worlds Conference have begun […]

Virtual Reality, Liquid Identity

The New York Times has run several articles on games in the last week. My favorite is a gallery of game players and their avatars from the Sunday Magazine section […]

The Wii Factor

Lee Wilson makes a strong case for innovation in his Headway Strategies blog post Where is the Wii for Education? He writes, “Where are breakthrough products like the Wii in […]