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Using Social Media and Game Mechanics Improve Learning

Do you hear what I hear? After reading Social Networking in Schools on the Huffington Post today, I recognized that nearly every project I’ve worked on over the past year has pointed […]

Screen Time or Face Time?

Are you seeing less of your kids these days? According to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation that was reported in The New York Times this morning in […]

Building Online Community

Building online community is both central and tangential to my work — doing it well is mission critical, but when I hand off a finished product it’s usually my product […]

How to Tweet Like Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki’s twittering puts my occasional chirps to shame and if you follow his tweet-stream, you have to wonder how he has time to do anything else. A few weeks […]

Identity Crisis?

Ever since embracing social media and being asked to coach my clients on its finer points my starting supposition was  that personal and business, politics and brand identity should be […]

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live

Oh this is rich. Not. At least that’s what I thought reading the headline How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live on this morning. Though far from a […]

Twitter Overtakes New York Times, Bests 911

Yes, you read the headline correctly. According to comScore and as reported by TechCrunch yesterday, Twitter now has more unique visitors each month than The New York Times and the […]

Facebook Gets ‘appy

Now that Apple has proven the model works everyone wants an app store of their own. RIM has added one for Blackberry and now Facebook, who published their API for […]

Is There a Downside to the Upside of Social Media?

Between the Susan Boyle phenomenon, participating in a panel discussion on the importance of social media in business as part of NYC Entrepreneur Week and watching clients eyes cross when […]

Susan Boyle Meets the (Social) Media

Just minutes after West Lothian phenom Susan Boyle walked onto the stage of Britian’s Got Talent last Saturday night, even snarky Simon Cowell’s heart was melting under the brilliance of […]