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Hooked on Twitter

Everyone is asking me about Twitter lately: “What is it?” Microblogging. “Does it serve any purpose?” Lets you follow and communicate — 140 characters at a time — with friends, […]

Microblogging Goes Opensource

If you’ve noticed the right hand column of my site recently you know that sometime around the 4th of July I began tweeting on Twitter. Though I long eschewed it […]

Google Lively Goes Live

I’m getting my first look at Google Lively tonight, the 3D virtual world/avatar chat environment they began anonymously testing on incoming students at Arizona State University last summer. My first […]

Report from the Metaverse

Last winter Stanford University hosted the Metaverse U Conference to “bring together industry leaders, artists, and academics to discuss a range of topics surrounding virtual worlds.” For some reason that […]

Social Networking Etiquette

Social networking used to be so simple, a forum to say or discuss what’s on your mind and meet others who are on the same page. However as more people […]

The Contrarian View

A shout out to Lee Wilson at the Education Business Blog who wrote A Contrarian View of Social Media, adding another perspective to my recent rants and SIIA panel discussion […]

Steampunk’d Social Networking

Artist Paul St. George’s steampunk sculpture wryly suggests that using technology to create social networks predates the web, wiki and blog by at least a century. When it opened to […]

Social Networking Alternative

OK, the video’s been out for a while but here’s another reason social networks are important. Can’t everybody just get along? [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”480″ height=”290″ wmode=”transparent” /]

Social Networking on the Rise

From the number of inquiries we receive and the projects we’re managing lately — blogs, forums, wikis, user content sites, multi-player games and sims — it’s clear there’s tremendous demand […]

The New Convergence

The new convergence of products that combine aspects of online games and simulations, social networking and user generated content in the service of learning was the topic of our panel […]