From strategy and experience design to production and support, we offer product development
services grounded by broad and deep experience spanning genres, markets and media technologies.

Great software delivers  an experience that delight your users, meets their needs/expectations, and delivers on yours.

We begin creating or studying your user profiles to inform architecture, interface, interaction and game design, putting those puzzle pieces together for a sharp picture of your product, site or service, and as a roadmap for developers. Deliverable artifacts can include:

• User Personae
• Information Architecture and Site Maps
• User Experience Design and Wireframes
• Game Mechanics and Interaction Designs
• Prototype Development
• Usability Testing

We design, build and develop web applications, sites and systems that power leading and emerging education, commerce, marketing, and membership organizations.

Whether you’re building a new site or app, or updating an existing one, come to us for design, development and management of web sites and apps for:

• Product Launches
• Small Business Marketing
• Professional Practices
• Web Commerce
• Learning Management
• Membership Management
• Content Management
• Community Forums

Designing games that are entertaining, challenging and fun to play is difficult enough, even more so on game-based learning and simulation projects where the intention is to make learning more accessible, engaging and effective.

Game Design Canvas is our lean, agile, user focused method for designing a game, or game level, that makes the work fast and predictable. The result is single page that’s easy to share, understand and update throughout development. 

WordPress has become our go-to web platform and we’ve gained considerable expertise from building nearly 100 sites. Now, when development is done, we offer managed WordPress hosting and maintenance to our clients as well.

Originally built as a CMS for blogging and rightly known for being easy to use, keeping a WordPress site running reliabley and securely still requires regular maintenance and we offer those services on an ongoing or ad-hoc basis. Then there’s the constant evolution of the internet itself, and the criteria used by search engines to rank sites. Mobile friendly? No Flash? Is the site encrypted with SSL security? Do you have a firewall to keep hackers and malware at bay?  A backup protocol that allows rapid recovery if there’s a problem? We’ll help with all of that!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

The number one question! Of course the answer depends on what you need done, how busy we are, an a host of other questions we’ll discuss in our first call.

Do you offer support 24/7?

We operate during extended business hours, from 8am to 6pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Our hosting providers maintain exceptional uptime, so there’s seldom an issue there. If your application and customers require 24/7 support we’ll work with you to find an inbound call center to provide what you need.

How can I contact you?

We set up a hot-line for every project according to its needs. When we engage we’ll provide a full contact list of all the team members.


Do you bill hourly or by the project?

That depends on how well defined your project is and the terms you prefer. Can we talk?

What if I'm not happy with your services?

We wouldn’t have been around so long if this was common, but sure there are disconnects some times. Our work cycles provide many opportunities for client check in and sign off. If something deviates from plan or expectation, we’ll both be able to catch and respond to it early, before it becomes a problem.

Do you offer money back?

Most of our product is creative and technical labor, and once it’s used it can’t be put back on the shelf like packaged goods! But as mentioned elsewhere, our work cycles provide many opportunites for course correction, so it’s unlikely to come to this.