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Using Games in the Classroom

Should video games be used in the classroom? Can they support a standards-based curriculum and do they improve learning outcomes? My colleague and collaborator Lee Wilson has written a white […]

Global Game Jam 2009

Join the Global Game Jam, an intense 48-hour journey of creativity, innovation, collaboration, and experimentation. Maximize your creativity by designing games within specified constraints, in a limited period of time, […]

Kids and the iPhone

We were working on a new product idea for kids 3 to 7 years old the other day and began envisioning one version built specifically for the iPhone. But is […]

Are Computers Changing Childhood?

In this video from the 2008 Dust or Magic Institute, Warren Buckleitner talks about how children’s portable computing devices are changing childhood and comes to some insightful conclusions. Born the […]

What’s in Your Noggin?

Tanya Van Court, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Nickelodeon’s Noggin, ParentsConnect and Nick Jr.com, presents Nick’s new standards-based early childhood learning site, myNOGGIN. Designed for preschoolers through first […]

Using Games to Improve Health

Debra Lieberman, Ph.D talked about using interactive games to improve health knowledge, skills and behaviors this morning at the eighth annual Dust or Magic conference. Health Games Research is an […]

Dust or Magic 2008

In a few weeks this blog will be coming to you live from Dust or Magic, the exclusive conference of interactive toy designers, developers, manufacturers and critics held each Fall […]

Vanquishing Algebraic Terrors

I confess that I came to loath Algebra class when I was in school, but times change and now kids are studying coordinate systems, irrational numbers (considering the swooning market […]

Florida Gets Serious About Math

Better late than never – and just in time for the presedential election – the state of Florida is getting serious about math. New York serious game company Tabula Digita (New […]

Teens, Games… Civics?

You hear the words “teens” and “games” in the same sentence all the time, but seldom with the word “civics” included. Continuing their series of outstanding, unbiased reports on American […]