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Gamification is Coming. Are You Ready?

The debate about the use of game mechanics in digital media — lately known as gamification — hardly started  before being overtaken by tools, workshops and service providers all too […]

Susan Boyle Meets the (Social) Media

Just minutes after West Lothian phenom Susan Boyle walked onto the stage of Britian’s Got Talent last Saturday night, even snarky Simon Cowell’s heart was melting under the brilliance of […]

Read the Book, Play the Game

Of all the games I saw at Toy Fair this week the Jacabee Code was the most interesting. In this new-to-market print/game hybrid for 7 to 12 year olds, the […]

NY Serious Games Develper Raises $6M

Evidently rumors of the venture economy’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. At the beginning of the month New York-based serious game entrepreneur Nt Etuk announced he had raised a Series […]

Taxonomy of Serious Games — Updated

According to Ben Sawyer (Digital Mill) and Peter Smith (University of Central Florida), “Everyone has their own name for what serious games should be called. When they’re using these terms, […]

Serious Game Engine Shootout: A Comparative Analysis of the Technology

Serious games and educational simulations are an unique product category with functional requirements that are different from platform and casual games, MMOGs, and drill–n-skill learning games. The gameplay itself is […]