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Twitter in Your Pocket

Wired’s Danny Dumas and Steven Leckart stopped by Twitter headquarters the other day to probe the company’s new moneymaking brainchild. Or did they…? If you like this Twitter gadget I’ve […]

Do Video Games Prepare Kids for the Future?

Many video games take place in a fantastically violent, post-apocalyptic landscape, but are these games adequately preparing kids for the future? Listen in as Clifford Baynes and his colleagues tackle […]

My TV, My PC

For years I’ve been my own best Guinea pig for testing new tools, technologies, techniques… anything I could use to tell a story or that might impact my customers and […]

Long Live the Parrot!

I received an email this morning from a friend who paraphrased Monty Python’s Blue Parrot sketch to describe the financial meltdown: This financial system is no more! It has ceased […]

Social Networking Alternative

OK, the video’s been out for a while but here’s another reason social networks are important. Can’t everybody just get along? [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.endofworld.net/endofworld.swf” width=”480″ height=”290″ wmode=”transparent” /]