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Gamification is Coming. Are You Ready?

The debate about the use of game mechanics in digital media — lately known as gamification — hardly started  before being overtaken by tools, workshops and service providers all too […]

Vanquishing Algebraic Terrors

I confess that I came to loath Algebra class when I was in school, but times change and now kids are studying coordinate systems, irrational numbers (considering the swooning market […]

Florida Gets Serious About Math

Better late than never – and just in time for the presedential election – the state of Florida is getting serious about math. New York serious game company Tabula Digita (New […]

Who Sees WoW Better?

I began playing World of Warcraft when I was a suit for Pearson. Though I worked my way up to a L20-something Paladin, the daily 4 hours as a commuter […]