Making Reading Assessment Easy and Portable

Technology Product Development for Pearson Learning Group

DRA2 Online was a major upgrade of Pearson Education’s best-selling online reading assessment. Our challenge: transform a highly successful Beta test to a market-steady product with simplified data entry workflow.

In a comprehensive re-design and re-engineering of the application, we reduced 20+ data input forms to three screens and introduced Anoto digital paper/pen technology to streamline data input even further, solidifying DRA’s industry leading position

Using technology licensed from Anoto® and customized for DRA Online, teachers now have the option of using a pen that records their writing on specially printed Teacher Observation Guides. When an assessment is completed, the pen is returned to its holder, and the data is automatically uploaded to the DRA2 Online Management System, eliminating the need to type assessment information into a computer.

Product Tour and Promo (Flash)