Creating a “First-Person Seller” to Train the Front Line Sales Force

Grupo Elektra, a specialty retailer operating in Mexico, Central and South America, was facing a challenge recruiting and retaining an effective front line sales force, and felt game-based training and motivation would be the solution.

After a series of on-site meetings to meet the product line directors so we understood their needs more thoroughly, we proposed developing a “first person seller” – a 3D world and tournament to immerse sales people in a simulation of their job environment, allowing them to build their skills without risking the real transactions they and the company depended on.

In partnership with retail motivation specialists Impact Simulations, educational game developer Muzzy Lane Software and the client’s internal IT and Marketing groups, development got underway in the US and Mexico. Four months later we began usability testing the alpha build and, after iterative improvements, the beta tests began a few months later. Development continued for nine months after that until we began deployment to the company’s stores where Transformation is  played by new and seasoned sales people on iPads and PCs to improve their game.

Creative Direction

Program Management

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